About Us

Hi, my name is Austin Kulman and I am the proud owner of Blazing Cards. Like many others, my enthusiasm for trading cards all started from a young age. I discovered my passion in 2003 when a kid at school gave me my first Yu-gi-oh card. My zest for the game grew from there as I started playing at a local card shop. In 2006 I decided to put my skills to the test; At just 11 years old, I flew to San Francisco and competed against players of all ages in the Yu-gi-oh! National Championship where I won the national title and became the youngest Yu-gi-oh! National Champion ever! A year later, I was flown to Japan by Konami to compete in the World Championship where I placed 14th. Until the age of 16, I continued to compete in various tournaments around the globe. After taking a brief hiatus from Yu-Gi-Oh!, I began my next adventure and started Blazing Cards in Los Angeles, CA, a business specializing in Yu-gi-oh! and Pokémon trading cards. My goal with Blazing Cards is to expand interest in the world of trading card games, in hopes that others may discover the same joy that they've brought me.